Liquor News

The 442nd session of the Maryland legislature adjourned on April 12, 2021.

There were no balloons dropped from the balconies at sine die, ostensibly because of Covid-19 social distancing there were no high school pages to drop celebratory balloons from the balconies, but it is worthy of note that this year the legislature passed House Bill 391 criminalizing intentionally releasing balloons?

During the 90 day General Assembly session, senators and delegates considered 2,347 bills and passed 817. Only a modest number of that legislation passed involves alcoholic drink. The Governor has until the 30th day after presentment to sign or veto bills.

This post is a review of the alcoholic beverage legislation enacted this session.

Time and space do not allow a recitation of the bills that failed, but many were not successful, including a much discussed bill that would have allowed supermarket sales.