Caterina Trimarchi/Shutterstock White rum is absolutely delicious as a mixer in many drinks. We love using it to master a killer piña colada to sip on the beach or making one of the best daiquiris our friends have ever tried. But those drinks can require a good amount of various ingredients (and time) that sometimes we just don’t have on hand. That’s where Sprite comes


There are a number of things you can do with whiskey. Everything from a whiskey sour to an old-fashioned can help enhance this spirit to its fullest. Of course, we can’t knock sipping on whiskey by itself (or over a big, ol’ ice cube). If you can’t tell, we’re big fans of the spirit and know how we like to enjoy it, and if you’re here, that’s probably the case for you as well.


If you’re a gin drinker, we’re sure you’re fond of the classic gin and tonic. We get it — so are we. This combination is a good one, as it’s super light and goes down easy. However, what if we told you that mixing Sprite with gin can be just as good, if not, maybe even better? We’ll let you draw your own conclusions on that, but we’re pretty sure you’ll like the two together regardless if it becomes your new favorite drink or not.


When we think of tequila, we can’t help but think happy thoughts. Just the mere mention of it makes us crave a margarita and chips with guacamole enjoyed al fresco on a nice, warm day. Tequila can be sweet and fruity in taste which makes it ideal for a mixed cocktail. Or, if it’s a really good quality tequila, enjoyed solo as well. Know about more click the below button to get  more knowledge


Cognac is a spirit in its own category. While it comes from the world of brandy, it has interesting flavors that include a wide range of notes — everything from bitter to spicy, says Cognac Expert. Because of these intense flavors, cognac is a great mixing spirit — especially when you’re looking to make a classic sidecar cocktail. But you don’t have to get too fancy when it comes to your cognac mixers. Instead, all you have to do is add more Sprite, and the result will taste just as good as if you make 


Since it’s a bit on the sweeter side, sherry has a bit of a reputation for being strictly a dessert wine. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it before that slice of cake is served up on the table. With its nutty and fruity flavors, this fortified wine is a great addition when it comes to your cocktail repertoire. Mixing Sprite with sherry results in a pretty tasty cocktail. The reason why this creative combination works well is that the overall balance of flavors comes together nicely to make for a refreshing