WordStream has been helping small businesses with online advertising for over 12 years—providing actionable (and fun to read!) tips and strategic advice, along with the tools to reach their biggest goals.

What started as a keyword research tool expanded into a full suite of advertising services and solutions with even more (awesome) free tools, including our award-winning Facebook Ads and Google Ads Performance Graders.

And our original content, powered by a culture of curiosity and creativity of thought, is a deep archive of resources readers can’t get anywhere else, like our top-rated blog, industry-standard data studies, PPC University, and more.

WordStream is now WordStream by LocaliQ, serving businesses and communities across the country as a part of the USA TODAY NETWORK. LocaliQ’s tailored digital marketing solutions are distinguished by proprietary technology and unparalleled insights from working with 300K+ businesses.

So what is WordStream by LocaliQ? It is thought leadership, amplified by a national network and blended with emerging technology and proprietary data. The result? Real-world guidance, smart solutions, and free tools helping businesses to grow in ways they never thought possible.